Every Percent Counts: A Guide to Investing in P2P Lending

The book traces the evolution of online lending and explains the impact of regulations on the sector. It highlights the intricacies of P2P lending in the Indian context, it’s contribution to financial inclusion and how it has been successfully accepted as an asset class. The book also explains the details and procedures for investing, taxation structure, investment by NRIs and provides tips on how to build diversified portfolio to earn more. The book is in English and is available on Flipkart and Amazon India.

Faircent: Powering P2P Lending Revolution

IIM-Bangalore released a case study that traces the evolution of Faircent.com as a leading P2P lending platform in India. It illustrates the myriad challenges the firm had to navigate while establishing a collateral free peer to peer lending platform in the financial sector and how it built a full-fledged loan analytics platform by providing online tools to lenders and borrowers to discover each other and transact directly. This case study can be used to teach the basics of multi-sided platform business models, the different actors in the platform business, the concepts of platform envelopment and the various strategic options available for Multi-Sided Platforms (MSPs) to fight envelopment.

Building a Better Credit Report

This e-book curated by Faircent.com aims to help readers manage their financial obligations more responsibly, enabling them to become more credit worthy. It covers the basic nuances of debt and educates borrowers on how to avoid a debt trap. The e-book explains the implication and importance of a credit report and provides insights on how to improve credit profile.

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