Rising EnterprisesP2P Loan Product

Investment Objective:

  • The product attempts to generate aggressive risk adjusted returns by focusing exclusively on borrowers who have Young Business set-ups with stability less than or equal to 5 years.
  • It presents a unique feature for lenders to invest passively in a mix of borrowers thereby diversifying risks without compromising on returns.

Product Riskometer:

This product is suitable for lenders who are willing to:

  • Invest specifically in borrowers with Young Business set-up
  • Take moderate risk

Standard Exclusions:

Following borrowers are excluded from this product:

  • Selected high risk profiles
  • Poor credit bureau score or recent defaults
  • Non-residents Indian
  • Age less than 21 years or more than 55 years
  • Borrowers without KYC documents

Product Performance Trend:

Young Business borrowers have delivered superior net returns (post default) consistently over the last 5 qtrs.

Released from January 2018

Presenting the "Rising Enterprises" P2P Loan Product:

Our historical data clearly suggests that borrowers with Young Business set-ups with business stability less than or equal to 5 years are very aggressive. Hence, they make lucrative asset class for lenders to invest. Currently, approximately 65-70% of borrowers funded on our platform have new their Young Business set-up.

Product Summary:

  • Minimum investment amount is ₹30,000/-
  • Maximum investment amount is ₹10,00,000/-

To mitigate investor’s overall risk, Faircent will deploy this investment into various risk categories as follows. Also, investment per borrower will be limited to ₹1,500/- to ₹10,000/- depending on the borrower risk category

  Minimal Risk Low Risk Medium Risk High Risk V. High risk Unrated
Distribution of investment 0-10% 10-25% 10-30% 10-25% 5-15% 0-10%

Lock-in and Re-investment option:

The repayments from this product will be automatically re-invested for a period of 12 months and cannot be withdrawn for 12 months. Post 12 months, you have an option to continue re-investment or make monthly withdrawals.

Investment simulation:

₹1 lakh invested in this product will deliver the following returns over 24 months.

Highest return% over last 5 qrtrs Avg. return% over last 5 qrtrs Lowest return% over last 5 qrtrs
₹1,46,500/- ₹1,40,500/- ₹1,35,000/-

Fees & charges:

Investment fees 1% of the investment amount
Collection / recovery fees As per terms on the website

Product Distribution:

Below charts give the distribution of all Young Business borrowers on the platform on their bureau scores (based on their loan repayment history), their monthly income & their monthly fixed obligation to income ratio.