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A stock market or stock exchange is an ecosystem where investors buy and sell financial instruments that can be as basic as equities and bonds or as complex as commodities, forwards, futures, and options. These instruments are linked to the companies or corporations, and their valuation is governed by the financial health of the company, and subjective market sentiments. Both retail investors and professional institutions such as hedge funds, investment banks and other business setups invest in the stock market with the hope of getting high returns on their investment. The stock market is subject to risks and exhibits volatility that many investors are unable to digest. Many consider stock market investment to be speculative.

Faircent offers another financial instrument or investment strategy by introducing a new asset class called peer to peer loans. These loans are fixed income instruments providing regular monthly income to the investor. A lender can invest in loans characterized by an interest rate, loan amount and duration. Based on the risk appetite, an investor can invest in loans raging from 12% to 36% interest rates. A high interest loan is also a high-risk loan. Lenders are advised to invest in multiple loans and build a diversified portfolio to mitigate risk.

Investment in the stock market and peer to peer loans come with risk, and returns are governed by the nature of investments made.

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